Road Preparation and Maintenance

From preventive maintenance to a thorough inspection of your entire vehicle, you will be prepared to enjoy your Sunday drive or a 1000 mile road rally through the mountains.

Fluid Changes

Did you know that zinc has been removed from conventional engine oils?  The zinc was removed from engine oil to increase the life of catalytic converters but at a cost of a decrease in its lubrication properties.  Affected engine components are those like flat tappet cams which would now wear prematurely, that is why we only use racing oils that maintain the original levels of zinc, protecting your engine from failure.

Wheel Alignment

Whether take your car for short weekend rides, week long road rallies or to the race track, having a great handling automobile makes your trip exponentially more enjoyable.  That is why we check and adjust the track, caster, camber, and toe of each wheel followed by road testing to guarantee great handling.

Brake Servicing

Inferior braking from old linings, we work to bring you the best modern friction materials for shoes followed by an on car brake shoe grinding.  We engineer dual hydraulic master cylinder conversions providing the most in braking power.

Suspension Components

Clean and thorough inspection of the suspension is followed by the replacement of any worn components, improving the responsiveness of the vehicle.

Wheel & Tire

We hand change wire spoked wheels and statically balance them with lead wire to a ¼ ounce.

Chassis Inspection

We clean the entire chassis; removing road grime, old grease, and wiping down with wax and grease remover followed by a meticulous inspection and greasing of all moving components.

Engine Tuning

Our engine tuning procedure includes setting up distributors or magnetos on our Sun distributor machine properly setting the dwell, syncing of points and checking the intensity of the spark.  Carburetion of the engine is adjusted with modifying jet sizes and syncing of the airflow through all of the throttle bodies.