Complete Engine Restoration

Ranging from the historic engine in the Blitzen Benz to the classic Ferrari V12, we have sharpened our skills to produce results that shine from the concourse at Pebble Beach to the finish line at Mille Miglia.

Engine Diagnosis and Disassembly

One of the most critical operations is thoroughly analyzing and inspecting your engine upon its disassembly; for knowing where it has come from, will help us send it in the correct direction in its restoration.

Component Inspection and Cleaning

We utilize multiple cleaning procedures from solvent baths to media blasting to prepare components for inspection, where we scrutinize every piece looking for potential weaknesses, failure points and overall quality analysis.

Precision Measuring Equipment

We take measurements to the 0.0001 of an inch, well below the thickness of a human hair and balance components within 0.1 grams, a 10th of the weight of a dollar bill.  Working to these tolerances helps us produce some of the finest running engines in the world.

Cylinder Head Work

To improve the efficiency and increase the horsepower of your engine, we engineer the use of modern lightweight valve train components along with improving the flow through the cylinder head.

Engine Block

Cracked crankshaft or block, we have the solutions for both.  Our machine shop has the capability to line bore a crankcase, bore and sleeve blocks, surface and finish hone blocks for pistons, while utilizing new connecting rods, pistons, and insert bearings.  In addition we offer a babbitted bearing service for both rod and main bearings.

Engine Component Work

We carefully review each of the engine components and restore them to better than new condition, replacing parts from water pump impellers, worn shafts, to external oil lines.  We repeatably fabricate original components that are no longer available to meet or exceed their original specifications.

Pre-Assembly Detail

When inspection, measuring, and machining operations are completed, we thoroughly clean and then prepare components for assembly by applying appropriate internal and external finishes, ranging from engine scraping and polishing to epoxy primer and high temperature paint.

Engine Assembly

Upon the assembly of an engine, all components are double checked for proper clearances and fitment, helping us to guarantee a superior running engine.


The testing of our finished masterpieces is performed with our Heenan & Froude dynamometer coupled to a Land & Sea data acquisition unit that can produce dyno sheets with a number of parameters.  The dynamometer allows us to run the engine under a load and to tune the engine with a load, simulating driving conditions.