Engine Machining

Equipped with a full machine shop, we can assist you with your needs to renew individual components.

Hydraulic Press Work

With multiple arbor presses and a 40 ton hydraulic press, we can aid in any disassembly and assembly work.

Flywheel Surfacing

We have the ability to resurface flywheels ranging from lightweight aluminum models to steel and cast-iron.

Cylinder Head & Block Machining

With a range of milling and surfacing machines we can accommodate single cylinder to straight eight engines with a variety of services;  valve work, cylinder boring & honing, cylinder head & block surfacing.


We have multiple oxygen/acetylene outfits, soldering irons, TIG welder, and two heating ovens.  The possibilities of joining metals are endless.


We have two types of media-blasting equipment; a glass-bead machine that removes oxidation and leaves a uniform peened finish and a water soluble soda-blast machine that can easily remove oil, grease, and paint from components without the risk of evasive erosion and residual deposits.